Broker Price Opinion Reports
Commercial BPO's

Broker Price Opinion Reports (aka; commercial BPO report) are sought after by small balance and private money lenders when providing loans to their borrowers.

The majority of the lenders will order a BPO Report when they are up against funding time constraints and costs.

The broker price opinion report is a fraction of the cost of commercial real estate appraisals and can be delivered to the lender within 48 hours.

Our bpo services cover properties in all cities of Los Angeles
county. This is considered our backyard where we comfortably understand market pricing and trends in order to ensure our clients better accuracy in our commercial BPO reports.

We do all commercial property types and multifamily only...

Unlike a full blown certified appraisal issued by a certified appraiser, the commercial BPO report is only an opinion of the price of a property if it were being placed on the market for a sale. It is not a report that leads into the value of a property such as a certified appraisal would reflect.

The BPO report is detailed and will include the following data...

Cost per square foot
Cost per unit
Cost per square feet
Capitalization rates
Gross income multipliers
Sales comps
Rental income comps
Listing comps
Comps location map
Conclusion for property value

*A sample report is available upon request

Disclosure: We are not certified appraisers and do not issue certified commercial real estate appraisals.

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