Apartment Loans

Apartment loans are the lenders Ideal or, bread & butter loan.

They are also the least risky of most loan types due to the large number of prospective tenants who need housing.

Unlike residential loans, apartment loans come in short to mid fixed term periods.

The 3, 5, 7 and 10 year fixed programs are the most widely used on purchases and refinances.

The adjustable loan is sought out only when the interest rates are well below that of the fixed product.

These loans are typically amortized over a 30 year period. However, a loan amortized for 40 years is occasionally made available and depending on the appetite of the respective lender.

Their prepay penalties are typically scale down (ie; 3,2,1) and some may come with a yield maintenance prepay.

If you are in the process of purchasing a building or considering refinancing the one you already own, let us size up your property's operating performance, and obtain the loan proposals for you.

We have a number or outstanding lenders who maintain the best interest rates and terms in the apartment industry.

Our lenders compete heavily among one another which gives us slightly more flexibility than if you were to go directly into the bank.

The following documentation is required in order to obtain the lenders' "Letter of Interest" to finance ;

  • Current rent roll, include vacancies
  • 2 full years operating statements
  • Year-to-date operating statements (Jan-present)
  • Digital pictures of property (if avaliable)
  • Personal financial statement or completed 1003

Stated income or no-doc loans are no longer being offered in this current lending environment.

Once the property's financials have been pre-underwritten and lenders debt servicing requirements have been met, we can take the next step in generating the lenders interest for the proposed loan.


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